Why are We Considered As Your Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaner?

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Carpet cleaning is great practice. It ensures elimination of dirt, dust particles, pathogens, and ugly germs that if not operated on in time, may have serious health implications. Similarly, carpet cleaning is also an important resolve when it comes to taking care of your and your families health and it includes your pets – we are sure.

There are a host of services online that promise green or eco-friendly cleaning and end up chemicalizing (made-up word alert) your apartment with chemical agents ,leaving strong odor that pets might find toxic and hazardous. Agents like bleach and ethanol-based alcohol may cause greater damage to pets if they get mixed with their food or water.

Thankfully, there are genuine pet-friendly services who use plant-based cleaning methods that are not only safe for the indoor environment but non-toxic for pets and small children as they are more susceptible to contracting allergies.

Usually, a carpet cleaning company post the visit will not disclose how long before we actually start using the carpet fully. 

The Usage of The Carpet Depends on Many Factors Such As:

  1. Quality of the carpet and time it will take to dry up completely.
  2. Ventilation of the house for chemical smell.
  3. Odor that might stick to the carper for a while.


Products used by carpet cleaning companies for cleaning do not leave the surface of the carpet easily. Many times, it takes a few hours for the chemical residue to dry off completely before you start stepping on the carpet. In case this is not made clear by the technicians, there are chances carpet might get re-soiled sooner than before.


The smell of the chemical left by the cleaning agents are mostly gone in a few hours in well ventilated apartments. However, if the house is not ventilated properly, the odor may stick for a longer time and settle in other furnitures and upholstery that may cause irritation and redness of eyes.


While the odor is harmless, it is better to keep a check on whether it is just a lingering smell post clean-up or detergent residue that will be trapped until the next deep carpet cleaning takes place. If the odor is still strong after a few days, the next best option is to inform the carpet cleaning in Wynnum company about it so that the carpet does not re-soil quicker.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

These things along with other atmospheric substances may cause allergies like dust mites, pollen, and dead skin etc. to be air-borne causing health issues.